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Monday, April 20, 2009

Serious job problems in Nevada

Nevada jobs are taking one the biggest hits in the country. according to the bureau of Labor Statistics, the state's unemployment rate was 10.4%. it is one of the top states in double digit unemployment, among Michigan, Oregon, North and South Carolina, Indiana, and California. They are all higher than the national rate at 8.5%.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, 104,000 were out of work this past month, which is a 1,600 person increase. Not only has the unemployment increased, but the number of people working in the labor force has decreased. An estimated 14,000 have dropped out of the labor force compared to previous month.

To give a better idea of the problems throughout the job field, The Sun compared the drastic changes in unemployment in the past year. Construction jobs in Las Vegas have dropped, as well. A year ago, 94,000 were employed compared to 81,000 that are now.

The hotel and casino industry has taken a hit. employment is at 156,400, which is a 13,400 drop.

Manufacturing jobs in Las Vegas is 6.2 percent lower than this time last year. Trade, transportation utility jobs are at 156,100, which decreased 5,500.

Another Nevada city, Reno, is at 11.2 percent unemployment. While Carson City is at 11.3 percent.

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