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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Connecticut Accounting Jobs

The number of new Connecticut accounting jobs created during the next quarter may be a small disappointment to job seekers.

A recent survey conducted on a national level by recruitment firm Robert Half International found that corporate level hiring for accounting and finance professionals will remain unchanged in the next between now and the end of September.

Of the 1,400 CFOs who participated in the survey, 84 percent stated that they planned to neither increase nor decrease the number of individuals they employed in this field. The remaining 12 percent of CFOs were evenly split down the middle when it came to their hiring plans. Exactly 6 percent planned to make additions to staff and 6 percent planned on doing away with jobs.

Despite the 0 net gain in jobs, those accounting positions available are becoming increasingly difficult to fill. According to 32 percent of the CFOs surveyed, these positions are the most challenging to find the right employee for. Accounting slots were followed by audit and finance jobs, which 18 percent of participants believed to be the most difficult to hire for.

With employers complaining about the challenges in finding properly trained staff members, those job seekers with experience in the field shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a new workplace.

The largest amount of employers planning to hire new employees for accounting and finance positions were in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. In these states, the most important skills were budget forecasting and strategic planning.

Other areas that are expected to see an increase in staff numbers included Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Hiring in the West South Central states is mainly fueled by the energy sector. In these two groups combined, CFOs stated that the planned to hire a net 4 percent of accounting and finance professionals before the end of the third quarter.

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