Secrets of the Job Hunt


Monday, April 13, 2009

Applicant Tracking System for Mobile

One company has developed a mobile applicant tracking system.

Jobscience, Inc has launched a mobile application for searching, viewing and communicating with a CV database. The application is designed for use with the applicant tracking solution available through's AppExchange.

The application, which was developed for the iPhone, enables corporate recruiters and staffing agencies to quickly find contacts with the skills they need. A recruiter can then call, e-mail, text message or connect with candidates via social networks.

“Jobscience for iPhone is the first complete applicant tracking system that can run on a mobile device,” Michael Vicchitto, marketing manager of Jobscience, said in a press release. “With an easy-to-use tab interface, recruiters and hiring managers can create, edit, delete and view jobs, applications, candidates, resumes, events, tasks and more.

"Calls are automatically logged and users can take advantage of hundreds of additional add-ons from other AppExchange partners, making it the most scalable and flexible solution for human resources and the staffing industry available today,” Vicchitto continued.

Founded in 1999, Jobscience has a vast portfolio of automated applicant tracking and management solutions that integrate all key hiring and employee management functions through a central Web interface. Automating the process tightens the workflow between HR managers, recruiters and candidates, and ultimately decreases hiring costs.

The company currently offers such functions as standardized job descriptions and job postings, applicant tracking, HR policy, background checks and employee referral.