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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Applicant tracking changes

myStaffingPro has always been in tune with the changing needs of companies when it comes to applicant tracking. On Wednesday the company announced their new Vendor Portal Module. This enables vendors to manage submissions of applicants by third party recruiters. Also, it allows vendors to submit and review applicants 24/7.

Features include

Create New Vendors:
Select the Add Contact link at anytime to create a new vendor. Enter as little as the vendor’s name and email address to create an entry.

Manage and Remove Vendors:
Utilize the View/Edit link to modify or remove vendors.

Notify Vendors about an Opening:
Inform vendors about the new requisition with the automatic vendor notification email. The email will populate with information from the requisition and will provide details on how to submit an applicant.

Vendor Access Level:
Provide vendors with limited access to myStaffingPro® so they can:

  • Submit applicants to a requisition
  • Review their submitted applicants
  • Review their assigned requisitions
Receive Applicant Submission Emails:
Stay informed about third party recruiter submissions with automated email notifications.

Review Vendor Submissions:
Build a list of submitted applicants and track them through the hiring process.

Launch Vendor Sourcing Reports:
Analyze vendor data with sourcing reports that detail your contact list and the contact log.

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