Secrets of the Job Hunt


Monday, February 23, 2009

Job searches and the Internet

Technology and the job search go hand in hand. Finding a new job is just a click away. Every state and city has a page forfinding jobs in the area. Not to mention websites created specifically to search jobs all over the country, like Cheezhead.

Searching for a job used to be opening your paper's classified section and sorting through columns of ads. Instead, the Internet has made it so all a job hunter needs to do is specify what field they're looking for and the area. Within seconds jobs openings are at your finger tips.

Not only do these sites show positions available, a job description and prerequisites are posted as well. This saves job hunters time because they know if they're are qualified or not.
Sites, like, are designed with the people in mind. These sites are user friendly to create an easy process by providing links to company home pages and applying.

Cheezhead's main goal is aiding those in the job hunt process. Through blogging about changes in the job market, good or bad, and providing a job search, Cheezhead is where it's at.

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