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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Rhode Island jobs. String attached?

Rhode Island jobs on the rise? The state is noted to gain numerous benefits from the signing of the stimulus plan. They will be aided through almost $1.1 billion and an estimated 12,000 jobs. This is a great help for the state which has the highest unemployment rate. However, there is a catch because nothing comes free of the proverbial strings.

The full amount of money is not guaranteed. The Providence Journal reports that if the money doesn't have a designated use by a certain deadline, some being 120 days, then it will be lost. If that would happen, the state would lose about half the money to be redistributed.

State Senator Jack Reed calls on the state leaders to come together. “The burden is on the state. This is going to be a test of both the speed and the wisdom of the state in deploying these resources.”

Throughout Rhode Island numerous projects and jobs could potentially benefit from this money. Construction projects could result in new jobs for people throughout the state. One area that is in need of a portion of the stimulus money is Block Island. If this would happen, jobs could be created for fixing their port docks, local school, and well development.

Other uses for the money in other cities has not yet been decided.

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