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Monday, February 23, 2009


MyStaffingPro is an applicant software that was developed by HR Services Inc. Numerous companies are all too familiar with sifting through applicant files maunally. HR Services created this software to make the this process much easier.

They offer four different programs for different company needs, budgets, and sizes. First is the Express Edition is designed for companies looking for the essentials in applicant tracking. this provides the basics for efficiency. The Standard Edition is for small to medium sized companies. Configuration Options allows a company to build their tracking system by enhancing the standard system with enterprise level features. Finally, is Custom Solution in which a company can create their own system according to their needs.

MyStaffingPro has successful software among companies they work with. Among their list of companies, noted ones include Pepsi, GE Money, Delphi, and Griffith Laboratories. According to the website, their success is in the numbers, 99.995% uptime, 32,000 users, 500 active clients, 10,010,000 applicants, 14,790,000 applications, and 32.7% annual application increase.

The company recently teamed up with Joel Cheesman of Cheezhead to help redesign the software with optimized career portals. According to TMT, Talent Managment Tech, "The optimized career portals enable search engines to crawl the site and index the openings. Once indexed, potential applicants can then search for a client’s job openings through a search engine. To maximize exposure, myStaffingPro creates the client’s job opening list with filters by position title, location, and category. Career Portal optimization improves the client’s online visibility by listing openings in the engine’s search results."

Finally, the new additions help the companies by allowing them to
track their SEO success with Google Analytics, measure traffic, and the number of people applying for a position.

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