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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Job Search Tips: What Not To Do

When searching the Internet for job search advice, it’s easy to find an abundance of information on what you should do. Finding out what common mistakes to avoid can take a little more effort.

One of the worst things you can do is be late for the interview. In order to avoid this, leave thirty minutes early. This will usually give enough time to get through unexpected traffic problems or other unforeseen issues. If you simply can’t help showing up late, then you haven’t necessarily missed out on a chance for employment. In these cases it’s best to call ahead of time and let someone know. During the interview you should apologize to make sure that they known you are aware of the mistake. This will show that you take responsibility when you mess up.

Another thing you want to avoid after your job search yields a possibility is bad mouthing past employers. No matter what the circumstances, this is viewed very negatively by most hiring managers. Since you’re by no means close enough to confide in the person in charge of the interview, you should always use tact when discussing those you have worked with and for. After all, you have no idea who they know personally.

Many people also make the mistake of being rude to the receptionist they have to deal with when first coming in for the interview. Since many hiring mangers ask these individuals how the person behaved before they came in the room, this can completely change their opinion of you. After all, anyone can be polite for the length of one conversation.

Although these mistakes don’t necessarily mean that your job search won’t end successfully, they can cause you to take much longer to find work. Avoiding these errors is always the best bet, but if you catch yourself making one of these mistakes, a polite explanation will often suffice.

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