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Friday, December 26, 2008

Background Checks Mandatory for NJ Recreation Workers

One New Jersey town is making background checks mandatory for recreation department workers.

A new ordinance was recently passed unanimously by the Toms River Town Council requiring all current and future Recreation Department employees to submit to fingerprinting and criminal background checks. However, employees will be exempt from the new ordinance if they can provide proof they have undergone a similar federal and state background check within the past year.

The ordinance also authorizes the Toms River police chief to exchange fingerprint data with and receive the criminal history record from the state police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation The police chief is responsible for providing Recreation Department managers with the criminal history results, according to an article by The Toms River Times.

Anyone convicted of a crime or offense, excluding petty disorderly offenses, will not be eligible for employment with the recreation department. The township plans to pay for any costs associated with the background checks for current employees, but future employees will be charged $60 to cover the costs.

All present and future employees must also have their background checked with the New Jersey Sexual Offender Registry every year. If anyone is disqualified from employment because of a background check, they can submit an appeal.

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