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Monday, December 29, 2008

MBA Job Seekrs May Find Help From Search Organizations

If you're in the market for an MBA job, it may be to your advantage to contact a search organization.

Some search organizations are only interested in candidates that are available for higher management positions or those who have rare skills, according to an article by However, these organizations are often the key to finding a great MBA job.

"Top level jobs are not easy to find by yourself," the article notes. "Whilst they might be advertised, there will often be a search organization behind the vacancy. Unless you know them and they you – you will be an outsider.

"It's a good idea in these situations to get onto the books of a search/recruitment company," the article continues. "Do so as soon as you can, even if you are currently doing your MBA – as these processes often take a long time –and the right job will wait for the right appointee."

If you do choose to take this path, there are a few things to consider when picking a search organization. The organization should have a good track record in the industry that you want to find a job, as well as make a commitment to you. Some organizations have exclusivity contracts that won't allow you to work with other organizations at the same time.

When considering which organization to pick, look for those that are advertising jobs in your area and at your level of expertise. You should contact two to three organizations at most and send them a written inquiry detailing what you're looking for.

"Don’t place too much emphasis on the fact that you are doing an MBA – they are unlikely to value it as much as you do," the article states. "Your document needs to grab the attention – so put all the major points in an opening paragraph.

"This should show what benefit you will bring to an organization," the article adds. "Don’t load the document with your qualifications – but load it with names – people you have worked with and for."

After sending a written inquiry, you should contact the search organizations and ask them what they thought. Most will put you into one of four categories: possible candidate for a current vacancy; nothing available at present but they will put you in their database; they will contact present and recent clients to market your skills or no immediate prospect.

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