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Friday, October 17, 2008

Hiring Freeze for Boston Government Jobs

With the economy struggling as it is, many employers are unable to justify hiring new workers. Local governments, which are the source of many jobs, aren't immune to these problems. Boston is one of the cities that is suffering from budget problems brought on by economic strife.

On October 16th Mayor Thomas M. Menino requested his top finance officials to begin a detailed analysis of the city's spending. In addition to this, he ordered a hiring freeze, which means there will be no new Boston government jobs in the near future.

One of the major areas that Menino wanted his financial officials to pay strict attention to was capital improvement projects currently in the works. He's asked those in charge at the city's Redevelopment Authority to expedite any imminent projects in order to encourage Boston construction jobs. These announcements came only a day after Governor Deval Patrick initiated the worst single round of midyear budget cuts in the state's history.

Boston officials have said that they are still sifting through these budget cuts, which amount to more than $1 billion, in order to determine how the city will be affected.

"These are difficult times," said Dorothy Joyce, who is Mayor Menino’s spokesperson. "The city has been through them before. We'll get through them again. It is true, it will be difficult, but we will adjust."

The projects which the city is planning on pushing through as quickly possible, and in the process create many Boston jobs, include various roof repairs to several schools and community centers, maintenance at the Boston Common, city ball field, one municipal buildings in Uphams Corner and the Veronica Smith Senior Center in Brighton. In addition to these there are also plans for repairs and equipment purchases for the city's Fire Department.

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