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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nevada Government Jobs Not Cut

Recently the state government of Nevada has gone through a budget crisis, as are many other areas in the nation. At the early onset of this, many employees were afraid that they would be laid off. Despite these fears, very few Nevada government Jobs(Click here) were actually cut.

According to Personnel Director Shelley Blotter, only nine state employees lost their jobs due to the budget issues. Altogether Nevada employees 19,156 permanent full-time workers.

Blotter went on to say that several of the nine individuals who lost their positions have already found jobs with another agency. At this time, she said that there may be other people who have lost their state job but that the paperwork has not yet made it to her department. Despite this, she says that she doubts the number of positions lost in the end will be significant.

Howard Skolnik, who is the state's Director of Corrections, recently announced that his department had to do away with three nursing positions in the Southern Nevada. According to, only one of these lost government jobs showed up on Blotter's list.

Skolnik also said that he believes the individuals will have little to no trouble finding new jobs, considering how high the demand is for nurses in Nevada.

Blotter said that her staff has yet to receive any phone calls that show that state employees are concerned about their jobs.

"I think they see now that most of it is being handled through attrition," she said. "As vacancies occur, they aren't being filled."

At this time Nevada's budget office says there are 3,781 open positions that aren't likely to be filled in the near future.