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Friday, October 17, 2008

Las Vegas Area Jobs

As more Americans have to decrease their spending in order to make ends meet, Las Vegas’ gaming industry has suffered. Casinos and hotels rely on tourists to make a profit, but fewer individuals are able to avoid such vacations at this time. This had made the area’s job market suffer.

This makes AT&T’s news that they will be opening a call center in the city and creating 350 Las Vegas area jobs especially important. The company says that those hired will be earning anywhere from $20 to $29 an hour and will receive full benefits.

According Howard Lenox Jr., who is the president of AT&T in Nevada, the company’s payroll will total around $9 million a year. He went on to say that AT&T already employs 80 workers at it’s newest facility at 10550 W. Charleston Blvd. Those hired at this call center will be responsible for helping AT&T customers throughout the country with their high-speed Internet service.

Lenox said in a recent press release that the company will create the new 350 Las Vegas area jobs between now and June. In addition to this, AT&T plans to open another call center in Reno in February. This will eventually create an additional 300 jobs, which will mean that the total of Nevada jobs with the company will rise to 1,850.

AT&T’s Las Vegas call center is the 9th of this type the company has opened since 2007. It plans to open four more, including the one in Reno, before the end of 2009.

"The state Legislature has been good to us, and the state is good to us," said Lenox. "This is a state that believes in and encourages and promotes competition."

He went on to comment on the quality of Las Vegas’ talent pool and it’s pull for the company.
According to a company spokesperson, the Las Vegas jobs are among 5,000 that were previous outsourced.

"AT&T is committed to bringing jobs back to the U.S., and this center in Las Vegas is an example of our belief in the American work force and the need to bring these jobs to our local communities," said David Condit, who is AT&T’s president of state and legislative affairs, in a recent statement.”

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