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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Veteran Jobs

Veterans have proudly and selflessly served our country to protect our freedom and our lives. Now what will they do for a living? The experience, skills, and leadership learned as a veteran prepare them for just about anything that corporate America can throw at them!

Many organizations and companies make it a practice to actively recruit veterans. They recognize the value that veterans bring to their organization through their life experiences and their ability to stand up for what they believe is right. A simple internet search for veteran jobs demonstrates this quickly.

As a veteran, there are many popular career choices. Some of the more obvious include aerospace and defense, engineering, guard, and reserve. But there are the “not so obvious” that create opportunity and diversity for veterans. These jobs may require additional education, technical training, or on-the-job training, and the value they bring to an organization is worth the investment.


  • Jobs in teaching and education can especially benefit from a veteran's exposure. Veterans have proven their ability to thrive, learn, and train in a structured environment.
  • Customer service focused jobs are a natural fit for veterans. They have served “us” as their customers under difficult and sometimes unbearable circumstances while protecting our rights and safety.
  • Healthcare jobs present a welcome challenge for veterans who have often provided physical and mental aid to colleagues with minimal training. They are conditioned to handle the life and death situations.
  • Security jobs are a natural fit for veterans. Their training in combating fear and anxiety in difficult situations helps to prepare them.


  • Veterans have the aptitude to quickly master technical training.
  • Veterans possess a strong sense of purpose, ability to effectively lead or closely follow a leader, and a proven ability to establish loyalty for a cause.
  • A veteran's ability to handle pressure, manage multiple priorities, and work under stress and tight deadlines is unquestionable.
  • Veterans possess positive work traits such as managing physical demands, following policies and procedures, and handling the mental demands of a job.
  • They are reliable and dependable, typically with high integrity and a strong sense of purpose.

It is our responsibility to collaborate with veterans and identify ways to provide the education, training, and support they need to succeed. Their real-life experiences combined with additional training make them the ideal candidates for jobs in every industry and business sector.
They have given so much for us – now it’s time for us to give them a chance.

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