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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Career Beginnings in Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas. What better place to live, work, and play! The sprawling city is the ninth-largest in the United States and boasts a broad range of company headquarters and major industries.

Dallas has consistently beaten the national unemployment rate for the past eight months and with over 70,000 employers in the city and growing, there is no wonder why. Everything from the Federal Reserve and major financial institutions, to national energy conglomerates and technology giants, call Dallas their home.

There are over 26,000 business services alone in Dallas - many which have established their corporate headquarters in this culturally diverse city. Jobs abound in Dallas around the business, financial and health sectors for highly qualified individuals.

Service companies with headquarters in Dallas include the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Fedex Kinko’s Office and Print Services, Inc., First USA Financial, Inc., and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, among thousands more. The financial and business services employ individuals at all levels from entry level job opportunities through executive management.

The health career industry alone has over 4,000 businesses or hospitals in Dallas. This includes jobs for nurses, physicians, occupational therapists, radiologists, and other ancillary specialists. In addition, these entities create job opportunities in administration, housekeeping, information technology, and customer service related to the health industry.

Aerospace and communications jobs abound with such companies as Texas Instruments, Raytheon, and Southwest Flight Training. Television broadcasting, telecommunications, cable, and other television and radio companies offer a variety of jobs from installers and technicians to management level jobs. The rapid growth and expansion of communications and technology continue to fuel this industry’s growth.

Energy and electronics companies alone account for over 1,000 different companies! With the continual advancements in technology, this upwardly spiraling industry is sure to continue to create a hot job market in the Dallas area. Information technology and computer engineering jobs are a draw for qualified, creative individuals seeking programming, business writing, and high-tech positions.

Similar to the Austin job sector, Dallas-Fort Worth is in the top five of a list of the hottest cities for relocating companies as determined by a qualified panel of site location consultants. And it’s easy to see why with its booming business climate and geographic accessibility. The consultants rate the cities based on their tax position, political climate, and quality of life. This gives Dallas a definite advantage since these are three positive elements of the region!

As more companies look to Dallas for relocation or expansion of existing businesses and creation of new businesses, Dallas foresees a healthy outlook for the job seeker. Setting yourself apart from the competition and showcasing your skills, abilities, strengths, and values will help you to land one of these coveted positions in one of the most diverse cities in the world.

Once you lock in that job offer, the fun really begins as you explore one of the most magnificent cities in the country. The social and cultural diversity of Dallas creates an electrifying city that holds a world of excitement for your future!

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