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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do you have an audio resume?

I've been waiting for a service like this to pop up.

AudioResume is a unique new service that allows anyone with a phone to dial a toll-free number and answer a set of 5 questions about themselves. Once done that information is published to a unique URL for listening. You can even upload a picture of yourself.

Why I like it: the biggest reason is that anyone can do it so it doesn't have the barriers of a video resume or other rich media solution. According to their site;

The goal is to lead the job seeker into conversation pertaining to:

  • professional aspirations, interests, and goals
  • what motivates them in the workplace, and constitutes the ideal work environment
  • preferred management & leadership styles
  • identifying conflicts and their resolution process
  • impact they made in previous positions, and impact they expect to make on future institutions for which they work
After creating their Audio Resume, job seekers are given a unique URL where the Audio Resume can be accessed for listening. The candidate can put this URL on their resume or cover letter, and on their profiles when registering on career sites.

Your blog would also be a great place to put it. It's a great way to stand out from the crowd and articulate your qualifications and passion. The cost is $9.95 (appears to be a one-time fee)


Phil Gerbyshak said...

Great suggestion for a way to stand out. Whatever you can do in a crowded field is very helpful. I would put this in the same category as a video resume. I'm curious why one wouldn't just download Audacity (for free) and host the MP3 on their own blog or somewhere else you could e-mail a link to for people to get at? Or perhaps setting up a URL that points to a file hidden somewhere (so you didn't have to worry about bandwidth costs) and put it on your business card?

C.M Russell said...

most people are'nt techie enough to do that would be my guess, for them this is a great solution...

Resume 2.0 said...

Phil -

Also, what i like about our service is that the job seeker is being asked questions. We have compiled the questions by polling employers & asking "what are some general questions that you'd like to hear any applicant answer". This way, the content is actually providing decision-making criteria for the employer (or not, in which case its probably not a good candidate:).

Anyway, video resumes or using Audacity are somewhat of an "open-mic" situation where the employer really never knows what they are getting. And, many times that would be nothing of any use. We wanted to add some structure & useful content.

I'm certainly open to suggestions, thoughts, more feedback.

Chris - i appreciate the post. We're actually updating that site into a job board where employers can search for candidates & listen to their interviews. It's being re-designed right now, but i'll ping you when it is done.

thanks guys