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Friday, December 29, 2006

JibberJobber now has LinkedIn & Skype

Jason Alba just keeps improving JibberJobber. He recently integrated LinkedIn and Skype into what was already the most feature rich job search management tool.

A few details:

1. Interface with LinkedIn - (this is a user preference - go to My Account, Preferences and you’ll see the checkbox towards the bottom) In various places throughout JibberJobber there are little LinkedIn icons (like the one to the right)… if you click on that it will open a new window, have you login to LinkedIn, and then show you who in your network has anything to do with that company.

2. Skype: in JibberJobber there’s a new little icon you’ll see (see the two images to the right and left?). One click to initiate a skype phone call out to a land-lineThis is a preference also, and if you see it then it means “click on me” to initiate a phone call. Think about it - if you have headphones (or a mic), you can make a phone call with just one click! This is a super-common feature with sales people and their CRM packages - why not empower you with the same cool features. No funky configuration (unless you use Linux as your desktop OS), no interference with your land line… it is just too cool.

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