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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Las Vegas Job Fairs

Las Vegas, Nevada's unemployment rate has decreased since July's 4.6 percent. Currently the casino-filled city has a 4 percent unemployment. In the mid-summer there were approximately eight hundred and sixty thousand people working in Las Vegas jobs and now there is almost nine hundred thousand, which is a fairly decent increase. The major problem in Las Vegas at this time is a shortage of qualified individuals to fill the available positions.

Las Vegas-based Recruiting Nevada has partnered with the Greenspun Media Group, The News, In Business Las Vegas and the Nevada Broadcasters Association to make a serious effort towards solving this employment shortage through Winter Job Fair 2007. This career fair seeks to actively attracts individuals from areas other than Nevada to find employment within the city. It will take place on Thursday, January the eighteenth, at the South Point Casino (previously known as South Coast Casino) from 12:30pm-5:30pm.

The job fair aims to attract the right out-of-state people to fill open Las Vegas positions and reduce internal competition among qualified residents. The Winter Job Fair will be followed by three others annually.

The fairs are marketed by Recruiting Nevada, which has attracted out-of-state employees to Nevada for the last fifteen years. Their ultimate goal is to strengthen Nevada's economy through constantly recruiting new employees to Nevada through the use of the internet. They are also responsible for publishing the state's largest network of employment websites. One of their main ways to attract jobseekers across the country is through their job postings on

The last job fair, which occurred on September 20th, attracted one 1,200 job seekers to the area.

Las Vegas has an increasing need for individuals to fulfill positions in such fields as accounting and other professional and business services, hospitality services, construction, manufacturing, and even educational and health services.

Anyone seeking more information on Winter Job Fair 2007 or Recruiting Nevada can visit their website at or call (702)240-4100.

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