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Friday, July 14, 2006

Emurse Your Resume

Wow, the job search tool market is really heating up. In addition to sites like JibberJobber, MyJobTips, and MyResumeSpace, a new resume hosting service has emerged. Its called Emurse.

According to their website: "Emurse allows you to easily create and update your resumes. You can download them in any format instantly from anywhere in the world. You can easily distribute your resume directly from the site, keeping track of all the destinations. We also allow you to instantly turn your resume into an attractive web page. "

Features include:

~Access your resume from anywhere

~Edit your resume online

~Convert to DOC, PDF, ODT, HTML, Text

~Get customized personal assistance

~Fine-tune multiple resumes for different goals

~Send and track your resume

~Share your resume on the web

I tried it quickly and love their interface for entering your info. You can view my resume here. It was pretty easy to create, although the ability to add hyperlinks does not work well. They need to make it easier for users to add links.

Emurse is a more traditional looking resume as opposed to MyResumeSpace which is much more visual in appearance. Emurse focuses their templates on text which is the best way to be "search engine friendly". It looks like print but its online.

Tools like these are truly reinventing how people create and share resumes. Online résumés are slowly becoming the defacto way to catalog your work experience.

Thanks to for the heads up.

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Alex Rudloff said...

The linking thing is a bug that cropped up recently -- we're going to get it fixed asap (it's on the short list)

Thanks so much for the shout out and feedback. We're a fairly new service, having only been in public beta for a couple of weeks now. We're really looking forward to finding more and more ways to improve peoples job hunt.

Hit me up anytime if you have any thoughts or suggestions on what we can improve. Stay tuned for some pretty exciting things :)


Alex Rudloff