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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cool Tool:

Most of the "job search tools" I've seen on the web the past few years have been amateurish in design. They claim to be useful or unique but in reality they fail to provide much value to the job search process.

This moring I received an email about a tool that I think delivers what it promises. Its called myjobtips from InTouch Software.

According to their representative, Bill Beairsto, "Rather than using pieces of paper, a spreadsheet or relying on their memory, myjobtips allows job seekers to effortlessly track jobs that they wish to pursue. The job seeker bookmarks the URL of jobs of interest and then adds such additional data as descriptive information, tags, and comments. As the number of users increases, our objective is to use the power of the total community to add value for the job seeker.

The easiest way to learn a bit about the service is to go to In order to encourage job seekers to try out myjobtips, in addition to our regular free registration, we are offering a limited-time-only Premium services package at no charge.

Although parts of the site have an appearance similar to a job board, we do not, and will never, replace the need for job boards. In fact, for job seekers, myjobtips takes over from where job boards leave off."

So I registered to try it out. The best part of the tool is that it lets you Bookmark any job on any job board simply by installing a "Add to MyJobs" feature in your browser. Just click on any job description and choose the 'Add to MyJobs' bookmark from your Favorites menu. A window pops up that automatically saves the URL of that job and allows you to enter in other information and tags. It even has this feature for any browser from Opera to Firefox.

Pricing is a reasonable $14.95 for 3 months or $29.95 for 12 months, but as of now are offering a limited-time-only Premium services package at no charge.

Employers needing to do background checks should checkout Background Information Services.

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Misc said...

Sounds like an interesting and useful tool.
What I have been doing is saving the page to my desk top. It is always visible when I come to the computer and acts as a silent reminder that I have applied or should apply to the job.

By The Way, I like your site.