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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 extreme resume makeover

In my continuing quest to uncover new job hunting tools and services I bring you:, a new web resume service that lets you add graphics, audio and a slick interface to your online resume. According to their press release;

MyResumeSpace provides job hunters with dynamic, easy-to-use tools that add color, graphics and multi-media elements to boost visibility and connect them more quickly to potential employers. In addition, members can track who is looking at their profile, or who isn’t and quickly readjust.

Create free MyResumeSpace profiles by going to today* to take advantage of several dynamic features including:

• Full Color Graphics: highlight and rate skills and tasks accomplished during career
• Profile Tracking: track whether profile is getting attention from employers
• Add Visuals: add pictures, charts, graphs and other images to enhance profile
• Add Audio: create audio introduction to further personalize profile
• Personal Link: dedicated link (user_name/ to post on other job boards, MySpace or other blogs, websites – even email
• Real-time Employer Chat: chat directly from profile to prospective employer or with other job hunters for tips, advice on job vacancies, companies, etc.*

This is one of the better online resume sites that I have seen in the past few years. I dont know how important having jobs on these sites is since they will never be a big player in the classifieds market. Perhaps integrated Jobster or Indeed might be more helpful to the job seekers that use it.

Anyway, here's a screen shot of a sample resume. Pretty slick...

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