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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The 4 P's of the Job Search: Postioning

This classic marketing term is perhaps the single most important element of your marketing campaign. Positioning yourself means identifying how employers see you as a potential employee.

If you do not come up with your own positioning statement, then the employer has no idea how hiring you will benefit them. This is perhaps the number one mistake job seekers make today. They have no idea how to position themselves in the marketplace. Their résumés are merely a listing of jobs rather than a list of accomplishments. In interviews, their responses are dull and convey no relationship to the job in question.

Well, here's some ideas that will help you craft your Positioning Statement

Take a moment to answer these questions.

~ How will you differ?
~ What makes you unique?
~ What value will you bring to the company?

Use your answers to create a two to three sentence positioning statement. Focus it on how you will help the company solve problems or make money. This will help the recruiter to quickly understand how you can fill the company's needs.

Basic guidelines for creating a positioning statement include;

~ Relate your statement to the position you are seeking.

~ Limit your statement to 10 seconds for a short version, 1 minute for a longer version.

~ Speak in the present tense & state your interests clearly. Don't generalize your career goals.

~ Include names of organizations for which you have worked, honors or scholarships you received, schools attended, etc. if they serve to distinguish you.

~ Summarize the types of organizations or environments in which you have employed your talents.

Where to use your statement?

~ On your resume in the Summary/Profile section

~ At networking events: receptions, dinners, and pre-interview gatherings when meeting people for the first time

~ When introducing yourself to company representatives over the phone


Example Positioning Statement for a Technical Support Specialist
"My value to [insert company name] is my five years of information technology experience. I am adept at technical support and troubleshooting computer problems. My technical knowledge will help reduce call waiting times and improve the efficiency of your technical support center."

Example Positioning Statement for a Sales Manager
"I will increase your revenues by mentoring your sales staff in effective selling techniques and by forging relationships with key decision makers in your target market."

Example Positioning Statement for an Advertising professional
"With five years' experience in account management at Campbell Mithun, one of the largest regional ad agencies in the US, I am interested in a career in brand management. I have a background in consumer lifestyle market research, positioning, and consumer product launches, including the successful introduction of Purina Lite Paw Prints to the dog food market. I am currently president of the Heathrow Marketing Network and I am focusing my studies in strategic management and marketing."

Tomorrow's P: Persistence

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