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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

$100k Job Board Giveaway

Saw this on the wires today: a new job board is giving away $100k in a marketing promotion. I've been waiting for some new job sites to start implementing the "" approach to the job hunt (see also Mkt10). Fill out a long profile and 'match' the candidate to the employer. Will it work? Remains to be seen.

Perhaps it is a good recruiting solution (this part sounds cool - Both the job seeker and employer receive a report each morning summarizing their RightMatch(TM) activity), but to make it worthwhile from an employer perspective they are going to need a lot of job seekers to sign up. And with an already overcrowded field, they may find it tough to break through. A site like Market10 took the local approach first by going into the Wash DC market. I'm not sure how much critical mass they'll be able to achieve as a nation-wide job board.

Hey, maybe they can giveaway $100k a day! ...that will surely attract a crowd.

GettingHired, LLC Announces $100,000 Sweepstake For Registered Job Seekers

BEDMINSTER, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 11, 2006--GettingHired, LLC announces a $100,000 sweepstake for job seekers that register on the job board. GettingHired offers employers and job seekers a revolutionary method for online career placement that utilizes their RightMatch(TM) Workplace Compatibility Assessments to scientifically match job seekers and employers, thereby ensuring the right hire for both parties.

Thomas Triumph, GettingHired, LLC Senior Vice President of Marketing states, "GettingHired is excited about providing job seekers the chance to win $100,000! Job seekers need only spend a few minutes to register on the site to be eligible. Most importantly, job seekers that complete a Workplace Compatibility Assessment and post a resume will be capable of being RightMatched(TM) to a job that truly fits their background and behavioral characteristics. From a career perspective, having the right job can make all the difference in the world."

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