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Monday, June 19, 2006

Landed fm Transforms into Total Picture

In case you missed it,, the on-demand career podcasting site is changing its tune, so to speak. The new site is now called "Total Picture".

I recently contacted its founder Peter Clayton to ask about the name change. He writes...

The name Landed came from my participating, early on, in community career networking organizations through Yahoo groups (like Trinity Career). When someone would get a job and want to change their membership status, often they would put "Landed" in the title of their message. In fact, to help professionals in transition "land" was the original, and primary focus of The dot fm always confused people - I ended up registering just to point people to the website.

As I've grown and learned over the past year (thanks to organizations such as ERE, Kennedy, HCI, and HSM), and the broad group of thought leaders I've been fortunate to meet and interview - the focus has shifted from "landing" to "taking off." I'm really interested in looking at "big picture" topics such as the oil crisis, global warming, geopolitical issues, the aging baby boomer population - as well as emerging trends, (blogging is a great example), giving the listeners of my podcast - a "Total Picture" to help them assess opportunities, and their career goals - in anticipation of emerging trends that will impact all of our lives.

I'm interested in featuring companies and leaders who believe competitive advantage derives, in a very important way, from talent. I think Geoff Colvin, senior editor at Fortune said it best, " "Top talent has never been more valuable, nor competition for it more fierce... After 500 years or so the scarcest, most valuable resource in business is no longer financial capital. It's talent."

So I'm hoping the new "Total Picture Radio" will be a playground for your brain. A place where you'll learn something new, and meet someone you'd like to get to know, and challenge your ideas every time you visit the site and listen to a show.

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