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Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Tidbits from the Job Hunting World

Busy day today but here are some things to chew on over the weekend.

WetFeet Inc.
WetFeet Inc., a leading authority on recruitment strategy and hiring tools, has released a new research report, "Winning Campus Marketing Strategies Report 2006: Top Trends, Practical Recommendations and Student Views on Campus Recruiting." The report, which is available for purchase, points to three clear trends that have the most impact on student candidates: significant emphasis on high-touch recruiting; greater reliance by employers on internships as a source for full-time candidates; and students increasingly view employers as a resource for information.
Online job board will closeSteep costs and competition from the private sector are causing the U.S. Department of Labor to shut down its national online job board. The Web site, .us , is being phased out and will stop operating in June 2007. The decision does not affect . That job board, operated by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, will continue. The difference in the two job boards is that the Labor Department’s site, known as America’s Job Bank, made it possible to search for government jobs at the state and local level. The site focuses on federal postings. (KansasCityStar)

Health care to see healthy pay increases
Middle managers will see healthier raises than lower level employees. Shortages of healthcare workers mean they can continue to expect "healthy" raises: Two of the top salary increases in this year's survey were for Pharmacists (up 5.44% to $89,230) and Registered Nurses (up 4.96% to $54,914). Engineers and non-management computer positions, big gainers in past years, will see relatively anemic pay raises.

Greatly Expanded Salary Surveys for 2006
BLR's 2006 survey has a number of significant improvements from previous years. It now has national salary data on 100 jobs, the number of industries has increased from 8 to 25, and many more state and metropolitan areas are included.

A free Executive Summary of BLR's 2006 Survey of Exempt Compensation is available at

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