Secrets of the Job Hunt


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

5 things you need to know about today's job market

1. Job hunting is more difficult than ever. The Internet has made finding a job more challenging and time consuming process . The days of simply responding to a newspaper ad with a cover letter and résumé are gone forever. New job hunting rules have emerged.

2. Most people fail to maximize their search. They only browse a few job boards and apply to only jobs they see online. Internet job boards are great but there are several other ways of getting hired. Namely: networking (online & offline), direct mail campaigns, and even volunteering.

3. It's hard to break through. Hiring managers are busy people. Getting them to even look at your resume can be a issue. Job seekers need their message to be creative and unique to catch their eye.

4. Job hunting = marketing. Branding yourself as one who adds value to the employer should be your goal. Anything else on your résumé or other job search documents that does not meet this criteria is irrelevant.

5. Your competition is stiff. For any job you apply to there are usually dozens, if not hundreds of other applicants. The only way to rise above them will be to differentiate yourself. Unfortunately, many job seekers seem to forget this part.

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nolith said...

You have to be different than all other candidates... for example DON'T send your application LOL ;)