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Friday, March 10, 2006

What are the hardest jobs to fill?

Manpower Inc. (MAN) surveyed nearly 33,000 employers across 23 countries and territories in late January to determine the extent to which talent shortages are impacting today’s labor markets. The survey results, released today, revealed that 40 percent of employers worldwide are having difficulty filling positions due to the lack of suitable talent available in their markets.

Download PDF - 245 KB from Manower

Employers having the most difficulty finding the right people to fill jobs are those in Mexico (78% reporting shortages), Canada (66%) and Japan (58%). The talent shortage appears to be least problematic in India, where only 13 percent of employers reported having difficulty filling positions.

Global ResultsThe top 10 jobs that employers are having difficulty filling across the 23 countries and territoriessurveyed are (ranked in order):

1. Sales Representatives
2. Engineers
3. Technicians (primarily production/operations, engineering and maintenance)
4. Production Operators
5. Skilled Manual Trades (primarily carpenters, welders and plumbers)
6. IT Staff (primarily programmers/developers)
7. Administrative Assistants/Personal Assistants
8. Drivers
9. Accountants
10. Management/Executives

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