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Monday, March 13, 2006

Small company or big: Which would you rather work for?

"In a recent poll at, a leading entry level job site, 70 percent of job seekers said they would prefer working for a medium or small employer. Only 30 percent said they would prefer working for a large international company. says feedback is contrary to the view that college grads only want to work for Fortune 500 or Global 1000 companies. The poll shows they actually prefer small and medium size companies, which offer a more personal experience."

I like this survey for several reasons. First when I worked for small companies I wore many hats so the opportunity to learn is tremendous. Small companies have a more relaxed culture than the Fortune 500's and working for them gives you a better chance to shine and take the initiative. Two, small companies are the ones who are hiring. They have the highest rate of job growth compared to their big brothers so college grads are more likely to be hired by them. Third, it tells us that "big" corporations have an image problem, no doubt caused by the endless scandals in the past five years.

If I were graduating today, I would rather work at a small company. Being a small fish in a big pond just doesn't have the allure it once did.

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