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Friday, March 10, 2006

Beating the odds: Job Seekers Vie for Opportunity

Here's an interesting post from about one company and the flood of resumes they just received. Looks like people who apply here will have a 1 in 13,000 chance of getting hired. Those are some tough odds.

Nissan receives 13,000 applications for jobs at new Nashville headquarters

If you've already sent in your resume to Nissan for a job in their new Nashville headquarters, congratulations-- you're one in 13,000.

The automaker's soon-to-be-transplanted nerve center has had Tennesseans clamoring for virtual applications on the company's web site. Nobody appears to know how many positions will be available, but there are 158 postings presently listed-- an increase of 20 over the week prior. Nissan expects to have 1,300 employees at the facility, but many workers are making the pilgrimage from Los Angeles with the company, meaning that thousands of applicants are going to be hard-pressed to net an interview, let alone a position.

Regardless of the CV glut, Nissan is still requesting applications from interested parties.

[Source: Fairview Observer]

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