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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Weird Job Seeker Stunts

I have long advocated that job seekers need to differentiate themselves but it sounds like a few of them have taken it to far. There's a story on CNN from CareerBuilder that details some of their weird stunts... are some of the most bizarre things job seekers did to get noticed:

-Wore a tuxedo.
-Used a celebrity official fan site as one of their portfolio accomplishments.
-Brought a baby gift to the interviewer who was pregnant.
-Sat next to the hiring manager in a church pew.
-Left Yankee tickets for the interviewer.
-Sent a nude photo of himself to the hiring manager.
-Tried to do a stand-up comedy routine.
-Waited for the hiring manager at his car.
-Came dressed as a cat.
-Said they "smiled on command."

Read full story on CNN >>

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