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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jobster Launches New Features for Job Seekers

Along with Indeed and SimplyHired, Jobster is one of the cool new tools for job hunting. They've just launched some new features on their site which brings job search to the forefront. According to the Jobster Blog...

"first, we launched a new layout to the homepage. one thing you'll notice is a map which shows job searches as they are occurring on jobster in real time. (don't worry my overseas friends ... more countries on the way) a fun little trick is to search for yourself e.g. "Jason Goldberg in Seattle, WA" and then go back to the homepage quickly to see yourself appear on the map.

we also updated our tools which enable users to add a jobster job feed or job search widget onto their blogs or websites. you can create your feed here (requires log-in for now)...."

I love the real time job search map...and don't forget to visit their blog for helpful career advice from industry experts.

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