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Friday, March 17, 2006

New sites target baby boomers for employment

Thinking about working after retirement? These sites will help you put your years of knowledge back to work.


"Employers are increasingly seeking to use the abilities and knowledge of retired professionals. At the same time, good health, longer lives and, in some cases, financial concerns are prompting highly skilled retired professionals to return to the workforce. The number of workers aged 55 and older is growing four times faster than the workforce as a whole, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor of Statistics.

Several retiree employment Web sites are playing matchmaker to companies and retirees, including AlumniInTouch, SelectMinds, YourEncore and These sites take advantage not only of demographic trends, but technological ones: Employment advertising has migrated to the Internet, and the number of Internet-savvy retirees is growing, says Art Koff, founder and owner of RetiredBrains.

The sites target somewhat different groups of retirees. AlumniInTouch and SelectMinds are aimed primarily at former employees and retirees of large firms (think of them as corporate social networking sites). The primary focus of YourEncore is highly skilled retired scientists and engineers. takes a broader focus, listing seniors and older workers in 27 job categories, with the most popular being finance, marketing and advertising, and health care."

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