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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A little humor from the job search world.

I thought everybody might get a kick out of this.

What Were They Thinking?

by Eileen Levitt

About 1,000 resumes run across the desks of my staff each month. We also interview anywhere from 20 to 100 people each month. Some are good some are bad, and some are just down right funny! I recently asked my staff for some highlights of their applicant experiences. And here they are:

Our Funny Interview Q&A's.

Q: If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?
A: The alive one.

Q: I see that you were responsible for maintaining the employee files. How did you organize them?
A: In the filing cabinet.

Q: What special skills do you have for this job?
A: I own a gun.

Q: Please give me a summary of your work experience.
A: I really don't want to bore you with the details.

Job Application Q&A

Q: Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
A: Yes, second degree murder, but I can explain.

Q: Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
A: Not yet.

Listed in the objective statement of an applicant: "Capable of communicating as liaison between multiple personalities."

An applicant entered our office out of breath looking both ways in a panic. As she entered, she said: "Are they following me?" Receptionist response: "Who?" Applicant: "The police, I think they are after me."

These really happened to us. Do you have a funny applicant story? Send it to Eileen - I would love to publish them.

Eileen Levitt, SPHR is our vault recruiting expert and president of The HR Team, Inc. in Columbia, MD. She can be reached at (410) 381-9700 or">. Keep up with human resources trends and issues. Subscribe to "The Team Player," The HR Team's free monthly newsletter. Just click the link to send a subscription

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