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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Virtual Career Fairs

A new virtual job fair service has just launched. According to their website, ...

Have you dreamed of the day when you can participate in job interviews from the convenience of your home? How is that possible you ask?

Kakoon Virtual Interview Interface (KVII) makes it possible! This innovative system uses cuttting-edge technology that allows you the time-saving, cost-effective opportunity to connect with recruiters and direct hiring companies over the Internet for scheduled, confidential interviews. Think about it -- no train delays, traffic jams, or travel expenses (at least until a job offer is made!). Using the powerful KVII program, a microphone and PC camera, participants can meet "face-to-face" online from the convenience of their homes and workplaces -- regardless of geographical location.

You need MSN Messenger software, a web cam and microphone to participate in virtual interviews.

I'm not sure about this kind of site taking off. Not everyone has a webcam so that excludes a majority of the job search population. Their first "fair" will be held in January so stay tuned.

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