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Friday, August 26, 2005

Respecting Recruiter's Rights

I've been following a discussion over at the Electronic Recruiting Exchange on the subject of a "Candidate Bill of Rights", and came across this response from a recruiter I wanted to share with you. The bill of rights is soemthing another recruiter proposed that all recruiters follow (i.e. provide candidates with timely feedback, respect, etc.). This particular recruiter turned the subject to him instead with these comments...

"And add one more thing to that list of Recruiter's Rights: Respect and value my time, if you do not have the required experience and skills, please do not apply. I agree with respecting the candidate and dealing with them justly and fairly, and keeping them informed, etc.

However I do not agree that I have a responsibility to coddle, respond to, or otherwise engage, every click happy job board applicant who does not hesitate to click the 'apply now' button on every job posting he sees. I.E. the 5 year chinese food delivery guy that responds to my posting for a multi-unit bigbox retail manager."

Harsh as his words might seem, I have to agree with him. Jobseekers need to make sure they are qualified before applying to a job. It seems many of you simply apply to whatever suits you at the moment. I've seen this first hand on my job boards and it presents ongoing problem between candidates and the recruiters that serve them.

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