Secrets of the Job Hunt


Monday, August 29, 2005

Here's a great example how job hunting has changed in the 21st century

The Scenario

Two companies post a job online. One company is a large Fortune 500 firm that requests applicants apply via their own corporate website. The other company, a small 20 person consulting firm, posts a job online and asks job seekers to email their resume to apply.

How To Apply

The scenario above requires that the job seeker take two completely different approaches when applying. The repercussions for not applying correctly can have disastrous effects - most notably that you wont get noticed!

Applying to the large company requires a totally automated process in which the job seeker enters his résumé into various forms on the company website. It requires careful placement of keywords in your "text" resume so that you appear to be a good match for the job. When you're done, its up to the "software" to flag you as a qualified candidate and send your resume to be read by an actual person!

On the other hand, the smaller company has listed the personal email address of the company operations manager as the preferred method of contact. They request that resumes be sent in Microsoft Word format. For the jobseeker this represents a direct line to the hiring manager. The proper approach here is to WOW the hiring manager with a finely tuned email greeting and subject line, as well as using the presentation version of your resume.

The intricacies of each apply method just described can make or break your job search. As job hunting becomes ever more detailed, you must keep up with the current trends in job hunting etiquette. You need to learn the ULTIMATE JOB HUNTING SECRETS!

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