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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Follow Up Advice from a Recruiter

I came across this message from a recruiter on a popular recruiting forum website. I think it offers candidates some interesting advice for sending in your resume.

"As a recruiter who got into this field based on an urge to help people improve their careers and lives, candidate follow-up is very important to me. But I am also very guilty of letting it go by the side as one of the 'lesser priorities' on my list. :-( How do I try to avoid this? First of all, to every resume that comes into my mail box I immediately, without even looking at it, send the candidate a response email giving them my name, contact information, and letting them know I am very busy so may not touch base with them as quickly as I want to, but please feel free to call me at any time.

Those candidates who do contact me get moved to the top of my priority list because they are showing initiative and desire. My advice to candidates that want to get noticed-- send your resume via email... leave a voice mail an hour later saying 'I just sent my resume and just wanted to make sure you received it... here is my contact info.' Again-- initiative and desire will make you stand out in my mind. And sending ME a 'touching-base' email once a week keeps you on top of my priority list... because I can't always get back with you when I want to... and I'M SORRY!"

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