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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fundraising Jobs in Churches See Donations Improve

Those with fundraising jobs (Click here) in churches are starting to see an improving economic picture.

The most recent State of the Plate survey found that more people are donating money to churches. Overall, 43 percent of churches reported an increase in giving during 2010, which is up from 36 percent the previous year. Only 39 percent of churches saw a decrease in donations last year.

Despite the fact that more people are donating, an overwhelming majority of churches are still concerned about potential changes to nonprofit tax deductions. In fact, 91 percent of church leaders said that a federal change in the taxation process would negatively affect church donations.

"Charities and churches have been hit hard by the economy the past three years," Maximum Generosity Founder Brian Kluth, who started the State of the Plate survey, said in a statement. "If the government's plan to change the rules on charitable tax deductions goes through, giving to charities and churches will likely be negatively affected."

The federal government has said it wants to review the nonprofit taxation process and make churches more financially independent. Because of this, many churches are already taking steps to become more financially responsible on an internal level.

The survey found that 94 percent make financial statements available to church members, 73 percent have a finance committee, 56 percent conduct an annual internal audit, and 36 percent have had a CPA audit in the past three years.

A total of 1,507 churches participated in this year's State of the Plate survey. The survey was started by Maximum Generosity in 2008 in an effort to gain an insight as to how the recession was affecting church donations, budgeting, generosity initiatives, and community programs.

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