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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pittsburgh Job Opportunities to Come from Bill

Anyone looking for a Pittsburgh job may soon get some help from a new jobs bill.

Gov. Ed Rendell recently signed a bill authorizing projects to receive funding from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, which will put people to work on important construction projects, resulting in at least $1.2 billion in new investments throughout Pennsylvania communities.

The effort will create work for about 18,000 people doing construction; installing electrical, heating, and cooling systems; and making steel, concrete, and other building materials.

"We've added jobs in Pennsylvania for the past three straight months; corporate profits are up; the nation's gross domestic product is up; and inventories are down, which means manufacturers will be ramping up production to re-stock shelves," Rendell said. "Businesses are ready to invest again and we want to be sure they're investing in Pennsylvania."

As part of the jobs bill, Connelley Technical School will receive $16.5 million to establish a home for the Pittsburgh Green Innovators, a group of local stakeholders committed to building a sustainable economy.

After being renovated and improved, the building will allow for space to research, develop and showcase renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The facility also will provide a place to teach people about green jobs and house a small business incubator.

Once completed, the Connelley Technical School and Pittsburgh Green Innovators project will create 200 jobs and train about 2,000 workers each year.5.

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