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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nashville Medical Jobs Continue to Thrive

The local and national healthcare industry continues to create Nashville medical jobs and pump billions of dollars into the city's economy.

A recent study from the Nashville Health Care Council found that Nashville's medical industry is responsible for creating 210,000 jobs and contributing almost $30 billion to the local economy each year.

As of May, the Nashville area's education and health services industry employed 116,200 workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although this is down from 116,700 workers during April, it's a 1.3 percent increase from last year.

"The health care industry is Nashville’s largest and fastest growing employer," Mayor Karl Dean said. "Beyond health care providers, Nashville is home to a diverse sector of leading health care companies not found anywhere else, including hospital management, health information technology, disease management and more."

There are currently 56 healthcare companies headquartered in Nashville, and more than 250 healthcare companies have operations in the city, ranking Nashville above 13 other cities for its number of healthcare companies, industry revenues and employment.

Employment growth in Nashville's healthcare industry has outpaced that in Tennessee and the nation as a whole, as one in eight workers are currently employed by the city's healthcare industry.

It is anticipated that clinical occupations will create more than 55,000 jobs in Tennessee by 2016, meaning one in every seven new jobs in the state will be in healthcare. Clinical occupations throughout America are expected to increase by nearly 3 million, representing one in every six new job, by 2018.

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