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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Jobs in Washington, DC. Posted Online Grew in November

According to the most recent Conference Board Help-Wanted Data Series, the unstable economy has caused employers throughout the nation to decrease to number of job openings listed online. Altogether, 70,200 fewer positions were announced on the web during the month of November. Despite this, employers in jobs in Washington, DC posted online grew, making it the only metro where businesses offered more employment opportunities than the previous month.

The most recent report from the Conference Board shows that the total number of jobs listed online was down to 4,369,200 in November. This marked the third consecutive month the number of positions announced by employers fell. The total number of jobs listings lost in the fall is now at 264,000.

"Online advertised vacancies began slipping in mid-2007, some six months before the official beginning of the recession, and are now at levels that are over 1/2 million below the May 2007 peak," said Conference Board Senior Economist Gad Levanon in a recent press release. "Some of the largest current decline is in business, financial and management occupations, but labor demand is down as well in a wide range of other jobs such as sales, food service, transportation and repair. Healthcare workers, however, are still in demand."

Conference Board monitors 52 different metro areas and found that 35 of them had over-the-year declines in vacancies posted on the Internet.

Of the 10 metro areas with the largest number of positions advertised online, only jobs in Washington DC saw an increase in comparison to November of 2007. Employers posted 163,600 vacancies last month. Jobs opportunities remain easier to find in the area due, at least in part, to the presence of government work.

Only four metros had more jobs posted online than the number of people unemployed in their area. These included Salt Lake City, Washington, DC, Milwaukee and Austin.

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