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Friday, August 01, 2008

Washington, DC Jobs

Although employers continue to create Washington DC jobs, the area’s unemployment rate rose in June to 3.9 percent. During the same month of the previous year only 3.2 percent of the city’s population was unable to find work. Despite this year-over-year increase, DC had the lowest unemployment rate out of all of the country’s metropolitan areas

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the vast majority of metros in the country had higher-than-average unemployment rate last month. Out of the nation’s 369 metros, 332 posted such an increase.

The national unemployment rate also increased in June to 5.7 percent, whereas last year it was a whole percentage point lower at 4.7 percent. Of the 369 metro areas in the country, 156 had unemployment rates above the country’s average, 203 had rates below it and 10 experienced the exact same rate.

Not only is Washington DC’s unemployment rate better than all other metros, it also continued to create new jobs during a time when many states are losing employment opportunities left and right. The city came in as area with the fourth-highest growth rate in the country, with an increase of 25,300 jobs when compared to the previous year.

For most of the country, the number of jobs posted online decreased significantly in June, according to The Conference Board Help-Wanted OnLine Data Series. Nationally, 330,800 fewer vacancies were announced last month, making this the fifth consecutive month to a year-over-year decrease.

Despite this, DC still came in as third on the list for top five metros as far as number of jobs posted online. For every 100 people in the area’s workforce there were five 5 vacancies announced on the Internet. The national average was 2.5 unduplicated jobs posted online for every 100 people, which fell from May 2007’s 2.9.

The other areas to make the list included Milwaukee, with 5.63 per 100 workers, Austin, 5.51, San Jose 5.26, and San Francisco with 4.96.

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