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Monday, September 01, 2008

Background Checks and Small Businesses

Many individuals with something to hide often work at smaller businesses. The reason for this is simple; due to limited budgets, smaller employers are often more lenient in conducting pre-employment background checks.

These individuals often cost their employers a good deal of money through theft, drug related accidents and harassment or negligent hiring suits. Because of this, employers may think they are saving money by not investigating applicants, but in reality they stand to lose more than most firms charge to conduct an investigation.

Instead of neglecting background checks altogether, smaller employers should consider either conducting the investigation themselves or scaling down the process to fit their budget. Several options exist to make sure that the business is protected without having to pay huge fees.

Websites now exist that enable an employer to conduct a background check themselves. Depending on the site, the manner of payment may be different but options exist that offer monthly flat rates or pay as you go prices. The second of these two choices give employers that do limiting hiring the ability to only access the site, an therefore pay for its use, when absolutely necessary.

Employers who wish to conduct background checks themselves should brush up on their local laws to make sure that they do not violate applicants rights. For the most part, this information can be located through a variety of sources online.

Another thing that small businesses should never forget to do is alert applicants that they may be the subject of a background check. Even employers who do not have room in their budget for such an investigation should have job seekers sign a consent form.

In many cases, those who are hiding particularly dark pasts will be discourage from seeking employment from the company due to fear of a background check. These forms can also be written to give an employer the write to conduct the investigation at a later date after funding is no longer an issue.

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