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Monday, September 01, 2008

Background Check Firm Creates New Website

In an effort to better serve new and existing users, one North Carolina pre-employment background check firm has created a new web-based service to assist in criminal records investigations.

Public Data Works Inc., which is based in Winston-Salem recently announced their new division. The company has created a website called which assist employers in protecting their workplaces.

The company also hopes that many job applicants will use the site to verify their own information. Since background checks can sometimes yield information that is less than accurate due to problems with one’s social security number or identity theft, many experts suggest doing this before applying for a job. By doing this, job seekers have the ability to correct false information before it costs them a position with a company due to no fault of their own. will search all county records for the user, which stands to make the background check process easier for many smaller employers. Public Data Works has set the site up so that users will be charged a reasonable flat fee for the services used.

According to the company, all criminal records that are open to the public in North Carolina can be accessed through the website. For companies in the area that prefer to conduct their own background checks, stands to drastically decrease the amount of energy a hiring manager expends trying to locate all the proper information by allowing users to find it all in one convenient location.

Although the website deals solely with North Carolina’s public records, a toll-free number is provided for users who need to access information from other states, such as motor vehicle and sex offender records.

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