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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Connecticut Jobs Don't Follow National Trend

In the month of June employers created 3,600 new Connecticut jobs. On top of this, the state has regained nearly 91 percent of the jobs that it lost during the first few months of last year, according to the Connecticut Department of Labor.

While most of the nation lost jobs last month, June was the second month in row that Connecticut added jobs. The total number of people working nonfarm jobs was 1,705,800, which means the state has gained 5,900 since last year. In May, Connecticut employers created 3,300 new positions. At the same time, the unemployment rate remained steady at 5.4 percent.

"Connecticut's economy went in the opposite direction from that of the nation again [in June] showing gains rather than losses in almost all major industry sectors," said state labor economist John Tirinzonie.

During last month, seven of the state's 10 major industries showed job growth and two posted no change. The information sector was the only industry to report job losses.

The housing slump, which has greatly effected the construction industry, has yet to cause any real problems in Connecticut. So far, the number of jobs in this sector has remained relatively unchanged for the last year. Nationally, this sector has experienced a 5.9 percent decline.

"Much of this difference is due to employment stability in 'specialty trades contractors' here in Connecticut, while at the national level this industry has seen its work force lose a considerable number of jobs over the last two years," said Tirinzonie.

Another industry that has been suffering across the country is the manufacturing sector. Once again, Connecticut is not following the trend. In June, employers reported a gain of 200 new jobs.

The area of the state that had the highest unemployment rate was once again Waterbury, where the percentage of the population that was unable to find work went from 7.1 percent to 7.3 percent. Out of the last 91 months, Waterbury has had the highest unemployment rate in Connecticut 90 times. Approximately 7,600 people were without work in this area, which is an increase of 400 people since May.

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