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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Applicant Tracking Software Provider Adds Web 2.0 Features

A company is only as good as the people working for it. That being said, locating talent and retaining good workers is understandably one of the most important things to human resource managers. At any given time, an HR department maybe overloaded with a large number of resumes sent in by job seekers. The upside; the more people that apply for a position increases the likelihood of finding the best talent. The downside; keeping track of all those resumes and sorting such information can become overwhelming. Because of this, applicant tracking software is become a must for HR departments that receive many employment inquiries.

In hopes of providing better applicant tracking solutions and increasing the number of job seekers that view a job, myStaffingPro has added new Web 2.0 functionality into their clients’ career search screen. The company is offering this enhancement free to new and existing users. This new feature expands applicants’ current ability to elect to sign up for career RSS feeds. Job seekers are then able to sign up and get new job postings sent to their feeder reader of their Google homepage. This new element provides easy, one-click access to review new posted positions and apply without even having to manually visit the website of the company that announced the vacancy.

In addition to this, myStaffingPro added the option to “Share Opening” on job descriptions. Now if an applicant stumbles across a job that isn’t for them but may be wonderful for someone of their acquaintance, they can pass along the opportunity. Jobs can be shared through a variety of different websites including: MySpace, Facebook, Reddit, Digg and Twitter. With the popularity of social network sites on the rise, this stands to increase the number of individuals that are exposed to an available position exponentially.

Jennifer Brogee, myStaffing Pro’s product development manger, feels these additions will better service the company’s clients. “myStaffingPro is dedicated to reaching job seekers in the next-generation Web,” said Brogee. “The new Web 2.0 functionality provides savvy applicants with a cutting edge platform to share posted job openings.”

MyStaffingPro currently provides hiring process assistance to more than 400 clients and has processed over 11 million applications.

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