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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Square Resume with a cool layout

This is an example of a great looking resume. Many people don't realize you can play with various layouts on a resume for a unique look. This example, which I found here is a perfect example of a visually appealing resume. You can accomplish this look by creating a 2x2 table within Microsoft Word and shading the backgrounds.


Justin Driscoll said...

It would be fairly easy to create a resume like this if you are using Pages on the Mac. Apple has done a great job by making this program very easy to use.
I personally like the square resume look. It is better than the boring old decending order resume.

Justin Driscoll
Education Meets Industry

Tampa JobSpot said...

I have to be perfectly honest. I don't like this layout at all and will probably never make a resume that looks like that, however, I think trying a different layout style other than the descending order type is a good idea.

Working Girl One said...

The square look is fun, very different, and would certainly set an applicant apart. But because it's so different, it might not set someone apart in a good way. But, it could definitely work in some industries.

Austin Ann said...

Pro: the square layout lends itself especially to the applicant with fewer years of experience and/or a need to highlight abilities, strengths and accomplishments in lieu of varied experience/accomplishments with different employers.
Con: the drawback is the shaded background. Most experienced hiring folks would put that in the same category as screamingly-bright colored paper. -Just ask someone who must look at hundreds of resumes or receives a copy or poorly-printed out copy of a shaded resume (or any document). A good question to ask: What might a 'copy of a copy' of this look like if referred to another manager for their consideration?

call center said...

Yes it is a good idea for the resume layout let me try it.


Brought to you by: said...

It's a fun concept, but you also have to keep in mind that if you are submitting a resume to a large company in electronic format, there is a very large chance that it will be run through their electronic data scanners to glean pertinent info. Any formatting is usually converted into gobbledy-gook and really detracts from the effectiveness of the resume.
On the other hand, if you are applying for a position for which artistic license is required, breaking from the standard resume mold could very likely be a viewed positively by an employer.

Anonymous said...

That is an innovative resume format and may stick out, but after all, unless you are applying for creative jobs, like designing, I think this is a bit too much.

Abhinav Mishra said...

This type of resume, is not practically fitted for all the job profiles. First you need to convince yourself for this pattern, wether u like it or not, only then u would b able to convince others,
Anybody who is in media, arts, designing(web or print),technologies field can go with this layout..
the problem here with it is that how will u tell a person to read it from left-top corner to which direction, right-top or left-down..,
again if you had so much to right in a resume, as technology proffesional genrally had 3-5 pages in their CVs.. would that will be look good with this layout also..
Its Creative..
The good thing about this layout is its very readable and could be handy on the same time, such layouts always strikes among several other resumes, but u should be ready to face derision or approval anything, it should go with your personality also, Took this format only if you can write your cv in just 2 pages..

Thanks for sharing such new things..
Abhinav Mishra