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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let companies pay you to interview (not kidding)

Here is a completely 'turn the job market on its head idea'. Let companies pay YOU to interview with THEM!
TechCruch is reporting on a new 'stealth startup' called NotchUp that is trying to entice 'A' player candidates to interview with companies. The theory being that if you pay the so called superstar employees they would be willing to talk to you.

Its not live yet but this one should be worth watching.


Raj said...

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peter said...

How much money are we talking exactly?
It definitely seems like a good way to do things. Even if the top guys are only coming along for the money, it gives you a chance to impress on them what a great company yours is to work for. Dangle enough carrots and it just might pay off. Very interesting!