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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Work Review - a new place to vent

Move over Tecross, Jobvent and Peekface. Now there's The Work Review as a place to rate your employer. The site launched a few weeks ago. It's all based on user generated content.

I asked the founder a few questions.

Why did you start this site?

(1) I started the site because I have changed jobs a number of times. Each time, I tried finding a good source for employer/corporate information, and I wasn't able to. All of the existing sites have some odd limitations, which seems contrary to the open-information theme of the Internet as a whole. For example, requires a login, which severely restricts data input. seems to court extreme opinions, and and require pay accounts to read data that employees give them for free. So, I though there was room for - a place where reviews are simple to enter, and where data is free and very easily accessible.

Whats your goal for the site?

(2) My goal is to become a useful and friendly place for job-seekers to learn about potential employers. I firmly believe in the power of the community to build accurate and appropriate data, and that's where I am trying to take the site. My #1 focus is keeping the very simple and easy to use.

Do companies have a way to dispute a claim?

(3) Right now, there is not a formalized process for disputing allegations. These are opinions, and so I believe that they all have merit, whether they are positive or not. That said, we do moderate all reviews for profanity, usage of names, or discriminatory behavior.


The Work Review is a bit late to the game (JobVent has a bigger database of reviews) but its well done and easy to use. The map on the homepage is a great touch and the rating system is simple and intuitive. If they market the site effectively The Work Review could be a worthy player in the job market.

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simone.dutoit said...

There is a new job board which allows you to rate individual employers so that before you apply you can see what others think of them. At the moment this is pretty new but think its good as it gives power back to the job seeker