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Friday, December 07, 2007

Why job seekers hate Monster

My Google alerts dinged me today and I discovered this post from a blogger who has begun job hunting again and he loathes the process Monster forces on him. If Monster wants to turn things around (they've had lots of problems this year) they are going to have to listen to job seekers like this one. The blog post has a bunch of comments with it from others, among the most painful quotes are;

  • "It (monster) was a HUGE waste of time."
  • "I’ve never had the impression that there are real jobs on monster."
  • "I am not a big fan of Monster. To spammy for my tastes."
Gee, you think Monster has a PR problem?


Anonymous said...

To my mind, Monster has about 6-9 months left to ride on their brand before they begin a rapid implosion.

I did a bake-off last year, Monster vs Careerbuilder vs Hotjobs vs Craigslist. Same exact 3 ads. Same timing.

Guess who won, hands down, both in terms of applicant flow, and hireable candidates? Craigs. Craigs, Craigs, Craigs. The only people I hired from that bake-off (and there were about 5 of 'em) all came in trhough Craigs.

Man, I love that community.

KELTOI said...

I have to agree with the writer who said is a waste. Monster and most of the online job Career.coms etc. are TOTAL waste. In more than one year of searching I had no offers worth considering.
Finally fed up with WEB searching, frustrated, I picked up a FREE Pennysaver; I found 3 jobs and closed on one THAT DAY!
Monster and ETC. make money / jobs for someone but not the intended. It's a cash cow for newspapers...Go back to basics and get a weekend works. I have written to the papaers and services before but it never got printed or broadcast. It was too truthful...So it was supressed... "Freedom of the press" to print what THEY like...But never real truth. I spent so much money and was bombarded with Added Value promises of higher income, if only I would give them my credit card and spend MORE MONEY....Of course nothing happened, except I had a huge debit on my account...Bloody thieves.

Scott Guye said...

Definitely with the majority on this one. Both and careerbuilder produced the same results for me. NOTHING. If anything, they produced NEGATIVE results since there was the work of going through pointless responses that were similar to something classified as spam.

Coletha Browning, MBA said...

Hate to sound like a broken record, but on two separate occasions I found jobs, (one for my daughter and one recently for myself) on Craig's list. I made the mistake of signing up for a premium account with and just ended up loosing money. Career Builder, well couldn't even afford their premium services, but in terms of job hunting....another waste of time. I got responses from Recruiters and I can tell you that left a bad impression. Recruiters like these big job posting site giants work for the employer, not the applicant. I have also had some success with contacting employers directly. Because I took the time to go directly to the source (employer) I have a few things in the works now.

Phil said...

I would definitely have to agree with the majority - Monster is a totally passive recruitment system, and I have seen no real indication that the bulk of the jobs are legitimate.

There are much better ways to find a good job...

PMH Consulting

Anonymous said...

I am shocking myself by posting but I am intimately familar with both job boareds. CB indeed is making a lot of money. Monster is selling cheap. The HR people really dont care and cant keep up most of the time OR, they have formed their own ideas and yes, craigs list seems to be a winner of better candidates. Because the hr people can not actively seek these candidates from this site. I believe that in general all hotjobs, cb and monster are viewed as necessary evils to meet ofccp and eeoc regulations while the smaller job boards are nitched, more manageable and truly are typically a better fitting candidate...

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